11 April 2017

We have selected TinyLife, the premature baby charity, as our charity partner for 2017 and will be both organising and participating in a range of fund-raising events and activities over the coming months in order to raise as much money as possible for this very worthy cause.

Formerly known as NIMBA, (Northern Ireland Mother and Baby Action), which was founded in 1988, the charity was relaunched as TinyLife in 2006 and has evolved from being a research-focused charity to providing an ever-increasing range of family support services.  These services include hospital to home family support service, a breast pump loan service, delivering education seminars to parents and health care professionals, backing medical research and Tinystart, a new five-year-project to help families cope with the often traumatic arrival of a premature baby or babies.

Given that up to 2000 babies are born prematurely in Northern Ireland each year, equating to approximately 10% of all new-borns, there is a pressing need for the services and support that TinyLife provides to families across the province.  We are delighted to be associated with TinyLife and look forward to involving all our employees in our fund-raising efforts over the coming months.

For further information go to the TinyLife website

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